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Know the Characteristics of Stomach Cramps Based on the Causes

Abdominal cramps are complaints of pain in the abdomen that feels like stiffness or tension in the abdominal muscles and other muscles around the stomach. Generally, stomach cramps occur when the lining of the abdominal wall or organs in the abdominal cavity are disrupted. The causes of abdominal cramps vary, so how to overcome them can also vary depending on the cause. In this article, we will explain the characteristics of stomach cramps based on their causes, and how to overcome them. Characteristics of Stomach Cramps Based on the Cause Apart from doing strenuous activities, such as exercising excessively or lifting heavy objects, abdominal cramps can also result from the following conditions: 1. Premenstruation One of the characteristics of abdominal cramps that occur during premenstruation (before menstruation) is the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen. The pain can be throbbing, feels like a dull pressured object, or feels sharp. In addition, premenstrual abdominal c
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Pregnant Women Experience Morning Sickness at Night, This Is the Solution

The term "morning sicknes" does mean nausea that appears in the morning. But actually, morning sickness can also occur at night, you know. So that pregnant women are not disturbed, know how to deal with morning sickness at night. The emergence of morning sickness is triggered by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Usually, this condition will subside after pregnant women pass the first trimester of pregnancy. Complaints of morning sickness in the morning and afternoon often make pregnant women become lazy to eat. Whereas if it occurs at night, morning sickness can make pregnant women unable to sleep soundly. In fact, lack of sleep and lack of rest can endanger pregnant women. How to Overcome Morning Sickness at Night When experiencing nausea and vomiting at night, Bumil can try some of the following ways to relieve it: 1. Drink ginger tea In addition to making the body feel warmer, several studies have also revealed that consuming ginger tea before sleep can

Overcoming cough with phlegm in children without seeing a doctor

Sputum cough in children is generally caused by a viral or bacterial infection and can heal itself within two weeks. However, Mother can give your child non-drug therapy to help relieve cough. Sputum cough in children occurs when the respiratory tract of your child becomes irritated, resulting in mucus or phlegm. This type of cough is recommended not to be endured or rushed to be controlled with medication, the reason is coughing is the body's way to expel phlegm from the respiratory tract. Sputum cough in children is generally accompanied by other symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, chest pain, sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, and loss of appetite. Little also become more fussy. Natural Ways to Relieve Sputum Cough in Children To help relieve your little cough, you can take care of yourself at home as follows: Sufficient fluid needs Give your child a drink or a lot of fluid intake. Drinking a lot will help thin the phlegm, and prevent phlegm accum